Trust Services

A trust is a powerful tool for succession planning, asset protection, taxation and family wealth management purposes

While trusts are often seen as a vehicle only for the wealthy, the benefits of setting up a trust can be applicable to those who want control over how such funds are utilized or distributed after you have passed on.

Primarily, a trust enables you to dictate how, when and to whom your assets should be distributed to. For example, instead of leaving a lump sum of your money to your children who may not be in a position to spend it responsibly, a trust could dictate that a certain amount be given to them when they have reached a certain age. Moreover, a trust can last forever and provide the comfort of supporting your family’s needs indefinitely.

A trust may also be a safeguard against claims such as lawsuits, bankruptcies and divorces, ensuring it continues to carry out your wishes. Furthermore, it circumvents the probate process which can entail delay and expense in the distribution of the estate. Probate is not applicable to a trust as the settlor no longer legally owns the assets s/he has settled into the trust/s and as such, these assets are not part of the deceased’s estate. The result is that the assets may continue to be managed and your heirs can immediately benefit from the trust without any delay.

Other benefits of setting up a trust include avoiding forced heirship in particular jurisdictions, ensuring long-term care for aged or family members with special needs, and preservation of the family business.

There may also be tax planning opportunities in setting up a trust. You will need to discuss such opportunities with appropriate legal or tax advisors.

Portcullis maintains a number of licenses in various jurisdictions to act as Trustee and to provide trust administration services. We can set up trusts in various jurisdictions, namely Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Cook Islands, Labuan and Samoa. As Trustee, we are subject to stringent regulatory oversight.

Trust Services

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