Our Strenghts

We continue to build on our strengths and strive to offer the highest standard of service.

The values of ‘Integrity’ and ‘Professionalism’ are the basic tenets upon which Portcullis operates. This has enabled us to provide a consistent, reliable service to our clients. We recognise that our growth is predicated on the continued success of our clients. We strive to always understand the needs of our clients and their changing circumstances. We aim to remain responsive to the needs of each generation well into the future.

With our network of offices, we are able to provide our clients with expert local jurisdictional knowledge. Our relationship managers work in conjunction with your advisers and our professionals to deliver solutions.

Portcullis recruits lawyers, accountants, and trust, fund and tax professionals as we understand that having the requisite expertise on hand is fundamental to the efficient delivery, management and administration of any wealth solution. Portcullis has built up a depth of knowledge and offerings which provide a full suite of services to support your structure be they companies, trusts and funds to a professional standard.

To deliver a solution that is most appropriate to all your specific requirements, our various business units work closely together to ensure you receive an integrated package of services. These business units can provide Private Trust and Corporate Trust Services, Fund Services and Fund Administration, Business Services, Family Office Services, Foundation Services and Business Support Services.

Being a full-service provider, Portcullis offers a full range of services to enable the establishment of your wealth structure to meet your financial objectives. However, we maintain a degree of flexibility in our offerings so as to enable integration of any products or services with your existing business arrangements and relationships.

The world of financial services and wealth management is ever evolving and we pay very close attention to changes in laws, regulatory policies and international treaties that may affect the continued success of our clients.

Portcullis consistently operates under strict compliance policies that meet international standards.