Transfer Agency, Tax and AML Compliance

Our complete range of services for transfer agency and investor relations services consist of:

  • Maintaining share, unitholder and partnership registers;
  • Processing all investor-related transactions, including subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, capital calls and distributions;
  • Distribution of statements, reports and other communications to investors

We provide comprehensive services to facilitate compliance with AML and FATCA and CRS requirements, which include:

  • Collection and verification of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know Your Client (KYC) documentation in accordance with applicable requirements for the fund and / or fund management company;
  • Tax Review of investors, in accordance with prescribed FATCA and CRS regulations and procedures and collection of the relevant self-certification documents; and
  • Reporting the names and details of Reportable Persons in the manner prescribed by the relevant tax authority.

Fund Services

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