Baxian Trust (Labuan)


Baxian Trust (Labuan) Limited offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Corporate Resident Secretary
  • Director (Corporate/Individual)
  • Corporate Shareholder
  • Business Office Services
  • Tax Returns
  • Financial Accounts
  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Signatory Services
  • Application for Tax Resident Status/EPF/Socso
  • Board Resolutions
  • Letter of Information
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Administration of Company
  • Trade Support Services
  • Trust Services and Administration

Benefits of being a Labuan-registered company

  • No restriction on ownership, with 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • A minimum of one shareholder is required. The shareholder can be of any nationality or residency or even a corporation
  • A minimum of one direction is required. The Director can be of any nationality or residency or even a corporation
  • No exchange control to restrict the movement of funds
  • All payments by a Labuan-registered company, including dividend, are exempt from withholding tax in Malaysia.
  • The exception is payment of directors’ fees and salary which are subjected to the mandatory statutory deduction.
  • No stamp duty on transfer of shares and transaction agreements with Malaysian non-resident.
  • Simple tax restructuring with no tax on Labuan investment holding company and minimal tax at the discretion of a Labuan trading company of either RM20,000 or 3% of the audited profit.
  • No requirements for accounts to be audited
  • Only one board meeting required to be held in Malaysia to establish Malaysia tax residency, giving access to Malaysia’s extensive Double Tax Agreement (DTA) network.
  • Ease of establishing an operational presence at low cost
  • Presence of major banks that offer extensive banking and trade support services.